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EXOOT - Tropical Healing


In some places they spit strangers out, while in others they swallow them whole. 

EXOOT – Tropical Healing is an exhibition and show where we can reconquer our exotic selves and think about cannibalism as a healing strategy for dealing with The Other. Beneficial therapy for the diluted identities of world citizens. 

Visual artist Jan Brokof is converting the Vriend van Bavink Gallery in Amsterdam into a theatrical installation; a pool paradise where tropic iconography is recycled: coconut juice, hummingbirds, helicopters, conquistadores, buzzing air conditioning units, Brazilian wax and palm trees.

Directed by Joachim Robbrecht, De Warme Winkel actor Ward Weemhoff and Brazilian actress Mariana Senne dos Santos play continents in love, searching for an uninhabited island where they can start over.  

From March 22 - April 22
Galerie Vriend van Bavink Pacific Place 
Geldersekade 30, Amsterdam

You can visit the exposition from Thursday - Saturday between 12.00 - 18.00 hrs.

Images: Sofie Knijff 

Multi-language performance 

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concept, text & direction Joachim Robbrecht
concept, setdesign & exhibition Jan Brokof
concept & performance Ward Weemhoff, Mariana Senne dos Santos 
music & sounddesign Jaha Koo
lightdesign Varja Klosse | Toneelschuur 
dramaturgy Nina Aalders
costumes Raki Fernandez
camera work Emo Weemhoff & Shinji Otani
translation & corrections Rob Klinkenberg 
context program and publicity Julia Mikx
production coordinator Carry Hendriks
production Yvonne Guis
dramatargy & production Lena Meijer (intern)
technical coordinator & light HP Hulscher
technics Floris Vermist
business leader De Warme Winkel Silvie Dees
business leader Stichting Show Machine Nora Duijff
planning & sales Marloes Marinussen
office manager Thomas Vandewalle
marketing & publicity Anne-Fleur Huiskamp
publicity Sanne van de Krats
special thanks to Galerie Vriend van Bavink, Frascati Theater, Marien Jongewaard

EXOOT - Tropical Healing is a coproduction by Stichting Showmachine and De Warme Winkel.
Made possible with the support from Fonds 21, Prins Bernhard cultuurfonds, Ammodo, Lira, NORMA fund, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst en Fonds Podiumkunsten.


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