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Mayakovsky / Oktober

‘The heart wears a body,
the body, a shirt.
But even that’s not enough!’

Vladimir Mayakovsky

For years now, De Warme Winkel has been making waves with their ‘oeuvre pieces’: a genre of their own invention that hurls the work, life and spirit of a historical artist against the canvas of the present. One hundred years on from the October Revolution, they have set their sights on Russia’s most influential literary Futurist: Vladimir Mayakovsky.

As well as a poet, Mayakovsky was a draughtsman, a suicide, a jealous lover and an innovator in countless fields. A text-spewing hunk of muscle, face turned resolutely to the future. Not only was his poetry something brand new – so too was the way he laid it out, his thoughts, his ideas on social relations and the way he poured all of this into the public consciousness. De Warme Winkel takes a wistful look back at belief in the big stories and a time when love was politics, art was a political act and politics a form of art. Where are the fists, the firsts, the fever – the blinding, futuristic, relentless conviction and huge heart of a Vladimir Mayakovsky now? 


Image Vladimir Mayakovsky: Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1924 © ullstein bild - United Archives / World History Archive

Image: Jan Dirk van der Burg 


concept and performance Dik Boutkan, Lois Brochez (intern), Annelinde Bruijs, Sara Lâm (intern), Martijn Nieuwerf, Vincent Rietveld, Mara van Vlijmen 
end director Marien Jongewaard
directing assistant Rebekka Nilsson (intern)
music Annelinde Bruijs, Rik Elstgeest, Bo Koek
scenography and lighting Julian Maiwald
sound Miguel Rodriguez
technical assistant Martijn van Nunen (intern)
costumes Bernadette Corstens, Elisabeth Ruijgrok (intern)
production coordinator Carry Hendriks 
production Floortje Halters
technical coordinator Hans-Peter Hulscher 
commercial manager George Knops
planning and sales Marloes Marinussen
office manager Thomas Vandewalle 
marketing and publicity Sanne van de Kraats
thanks to Marc Wortel

A co-production with deSingel Antwerp and Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.


29/01/2017 |